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Welcome to Advanced SEO

We are glad you are here and we appreciate you.
When we were in the beginning stages of building this website, we had a design all laid out with awesome graphics and UI interactivity. And while visual appearance is important in web design, it does not serve our purpose here and is not what we are about.
Our goal is to lay out some of the basic seo terms and explain exactly what we do and how it will benefit your company. All facts with no fluff. Besides, all of the UI interaction stuff just slows down a website anyway, so, let's continue.

What we do exactly

In the top menu bar, you will see a dropdown for "Basic SEO Techniques". This is a great place to start as it explains the basics of what we do. Search engine optimization is much more advanced than that and not only can we help with the basics, but we can also assist with the more advanced seo techniques like microdata json, Google business listing optimization for Google's Map Packs, business citation review and updating, sitemap generation for search engines, page speed load time optimization, and backlink review and optimization, all with weekly reports of our steady increasing progress.
We view search engine optimization with a 'no-nonsense' approach, and have for over 15 years. Slow, steady and correct wins the race here.

How this can benefit your company or website

As an example, Google has over 200 factors in its indexing algorithms for its search results. If your website has great authoritative content, most of those 200 factors come into play when it comes to how your website or page will rank in the search engine results.
Google LOVES “Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness”, and those 200 ranking points are all built around that. We help you build those things slowly and with authority and consistancy.
Over a short amount of time, your website gets more visitors that convert to sales. However, it is hard to get sales if there are no visitors, no matter how awesome a website looks in it's design. Great design goes un-noticed with lack of eyes on it :)
Contact Us for a consultation. Let's chat over a cup of coffee and see if our services are what your company needs.

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