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Back to the Future

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) changes almost daily. What worked last month, may not produce great results this month, and to make it worse, it can take a month to see results from last months efforts.
Over the years, we have seen search engines evolve, and now with the use of AI (or supposed AI), search engines now try to not just answer searches by applying their algorithms on their indexes, but now try to apply 'thought' to the meaning of the search inquiry. Bing now uses OpenAI (which they now own), and Google is always improving their AI model based on Bard.
But, this begs the question: Where is the AI getting the information? I think we use the word 'AI' too much and apply it way too liberally. It is not matured enough to be truly sentient. And until that time, the input will always be human-based.
Remember that when it comes to SEO. Search engine indexes are just indexes. The companies applying their algorithms (which is simply a set of rules and code) and deliover the results. Nowadays, Google peppers the first page of results with business packs, map packs, FAQ packs, image packs and advertising, so really, a user has to scroll way down to get the first few organic results. This begs the question: Are you actually getting the full benefit of AI searches anyway?

The True SEO Secret

So, what is the true secret to the best search engine optimization possible for your website or project?
The old addage about content being king has always been and will always be the answer. Yes, quality backlinks, valid html, social interaction and page speed load times are still important, but in the end, you need content that people want and are willing to share with others. As far as SEO services, we take care of all of the technical stuff and put the systems in place for you to create that content. Many SEO companies have morphed from SEO into Digital Marketing, mainly because they want your marketing budget spends.
This is not us. We focus solely on SEO, advanced SEO. We feel that if this is done correctly, a company won't have to spend so much on marketing budgets and ad buys. If we can get people to find you organically and can make you an authority on your product or subject, this saves a company massive amounts in the end.

How Can We Assist You?

We approach SEO as a process and we are relentless about accomplishing success in every step. From optimizing web pages down to milliseconds to being at our desk at 6am everyday, checking the status of your search term rankings and backlink profile. We are not flashy, we don't have an off-shore support team, simply real results at a fair price.

About Chris Lund

I have been performing search engine optimization (seo) services for over 20 years, working with many clients, company franchise operations in the health-related industries and specialized projects worldwide.

With a full technical background in network operations and data centers, I am uniquely qualified to approach seo and optimization projects with a foundation of effective network deliveries. Pair that with an extensive understanding of indexing, crawlers, data storage, current subject trending and top it all off with an outstanding work ethic and perfectionist attitude.

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